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Kababayan at UC Irvine is the Pilipino American Organization at UC Irvine. Our mission statement reads: "Kababayan at UCI promotes awareness and enrichment of the Pilipino(a) culture, tradition, and heritage. As a student organization, Kababayan emphasizes the social, cultural, academic, political, and community aspect of the Pilipino American experience.” In order to fulfill our mission, Kaba has developed many diverse events and programs that highlight these aspects of our Pilipino American culture.

Our social events are what bring us together as a family of Kababayans. They provide us with a place to spend time together, as well as chance to meet new people and build new friendships. Some of our past activities and after-events (events that follow directly after our weekly meetings) include Semi-Formal, Tahoe trip, Car Rally, Talent Show, Bonfires, Hip Hop Showcase, Broomball, Bowling Nite, Friendship Games, Sportsfest, Parties, Comedy Night, Open Mic, Intramural Sports, Karaoke Night, Movie Nights, and of course our weekly meetings on Thursday nights.

The cultural aspect of our organization is what educates us on our history and culture as Pilipino Americans. We learn about our fellow kababayan and heritage through many events and workshops. Some of our traditional cultural programs include Pilipino Cultural Night (PCN), October Pilipino History Month, P-Town Tours, Centennial Celebrations, Cultural Dance Troupe, Terrace Performances, Pilipino speakers, and our Tagalog tutorial programs.

The academic part of our organization is a reminder of the reason why we are here at UCI- to receive the best education possible. Some of the programs that Kaba provides include Peer Academic mentors, Test Files, Alumni Panels, Alumni Scholarships, Study Breaks, and Academic workshops.

Finally, the political & community aspect of Kababayan provides a way for our members to address the issues that directly concern our Pilipino American community. In the past, Kaba has been involved with Prop 209, Canned Foods Drives, AIDS walk, FPAAC, Veterans Vigil, Rose Bowl, FANHS, SIPA, High School Outreach, EEOI, APAAC, Womensfest, and Quaba (Queer Kaba).

Kababayan is one of the largest collegiate Pilipino-American organizations in California, making it one of the largest in the nation. This past year alone, we have broken the records with over 600 members. But do not be intimidated by its numbers. Every Kaba member is recognized for his/her special talents and personality. We are all apart of a greater force, members of a large extended family, making our lives here at UCI more fun, exciting, supportive, and educational. Kababayan would be nothing without its members. Although not all 600 members may be the best of friends, the common bond that they are all “kababayan” truly captures the meaning of family and friendship within our club. That’s what Kaba is all about.

Kababayan is here for you. It is here to nurture you as a leader, present you with valuable friendships, introduce you to all facets of the real world, and provide you with a second family away from home. Do not be afraid to take the initiative to come to the meetings and claim yourself as “kababayan.” We were all in your shoes at one point in time. So on that note, we welcome you to our organization, our home, and our family…

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