A few notable accomplishments from our fellow Kababayan members and alumni

*Armi Arabe ’96- Miss Saigon, Germany.

*Edgar Dormitorio ’97 & Faith Kazmi ’97- UCI Homecoming King and Queen 1997

*Ace Riggins ’98 & Joann DeLeoz ’98-UCI Homecoming King and Queen 1998

*Angelo Naval ‘98- 1st Asian American Studies Graduate, UC Irvine

*Stephanie Velasco ‘99- ASUCI Vice President, Student Services, 1997-1998

*Eric Jarvina ‘97- ASUCI Vice President, Academic Affairs, 1996-1997

*Russell Ramirez ‘98- UCI Playwright of the Year 1998

*Joann DeLeoz ‘98- Community Action Field Coordinator and Associate Producer, Street Science, KKBT-FM 92.3 The Beat.

*Edgar Dormitorio ‘97- Chair, Southern California Pilipino American Student Association (SCPASA) 1996-1997

*Kaba Modern- Undefeated Import Showoff Champions, 1993-1997; APSA Jam Champions 1996-1997; Street Dance Champions 1998; preshow acts for LLCoolJ and Jocelyn Enriquez

*Kababayan PCN 1998- The largest (315 cast), longest (6 ½ hours), and most expensive ($32,000) PCN in the entire world! Something to be proud of!

*Kababayan at UCI- Most Outstanding Club at UCI, 1996-1997; Most Outstanding International/ Multicultural Organization at UCI, 1997-1998; Most Outstanding Multi-Cultural/International Club 1995-1996; First Ever Most Outstanding Organization at UCI, 1983-1984; First Ever UCI Antleader Award, 1983-1984

*Most Outstanding Club President at UCI, 1995-1996 (Edgar Dormitorio); Most Outstanding Club Advisor at UCI, 1996-1997 (Anna Gonzalez); Most Outstanding Club President at UCI, 1984-1985 (Ricci Gaudinez)

*One of the earliest Asian American organzations at UCI (1974). Helped build the Cross Cultural Center.

*Planted Banana Tree behind Disabled Student Services (Old CCC); "Rumored" to have planted the Banana Tree behind the new Cross Cultural Center.

*2nd Place at CSUF Friendship Games both 1994 & 1995.

*Host of First Southern California Intercollegiate PCN (November 1996).

*Helped with the First Filipino Rose Bowl Parade Float (January 1997).

*Helped paint Filipino Town Mural on Beverly & Union in Downtown LA (Summer of 1995).

*Only collegiate oranization to participate in the Centenniel Celebration, Echo Park (Summer 1998).

What else is there to know about Kaba?

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