Meet more of your fellow Kababayans!

Iah Gallardo

Iah Gallardo is a "fourth year" Kaba member. He has served as Kaba Historian 1996-1997 and PCN Commercials Coordinator for the past 2 years. He has been the producer of such commercials as "Corned Beef Hash," "Gusto Ko Aso Bell," and "Xena: Igorot Princess." This past year, Iah was voted as "Missing In Action." We hope he comes back really soon!

Rhea-lizza Ferrer

Rhea is a third year from San Diego. This past year Rhea finally got involved with Kaba, especially through PCN Skit. She debuted as a Kaba singer at the end of the year banquet. This year Rhea will serve on the Cross Cultural Center Advisory Board. She also plans to be really involved with Kababayan.

John Paul Velasco

John Paul, aka JP, is a "bio" major from the greater LA Area. He is one of the most hardcore guys in Kaba, having funk with everyone and always throwing attitude. YEAH RIGHT! JP IS ONE OF KABA'S few NICE GUYS- always willing to lend a helping hand. He loves his girlfriend and we love him too.

Faith Idemundia

Faith has truly proven herself to be a Flip Non-Flip. This Nigerian queen has been president of PALS (Pan American Latino Society), an intern for the LGB Center, and one of five prestigious SPOP coordinators. This year Faith will be a member of the CCC Advisory Board.

Genna Doctor

"Jing" as she is known to her close personal friends is originally from Oxnard California. She enjoys going out on dates with boys and studying.

Verwin Gatpandan

Verwin is a third year French or Drama major... i forget which one. He has been a SPOP Staffer for the past two years, as well as an ASUCI Commissioner for one. He and Jay Bermudez were named ASUCI Commissioners of the year this past year. This year, Verwin will be one of the first Kababayans in a long time to study abroad in France. We'll miss you, bro.

Kelly Jean Tandoc

"Kelly Jean is not my lover... " Kel is a second year at UCI. She was one of four outstanding freshmen on Kaba Modern. She enjoys dancing, partying, and meeting new people.

Chanelle Melad

Chanelle is a third year from San Diego. I don't know what major she is, but I'm sure that it will soon be drama. Chanelle enjoys kicking it with her friends and acting.

Adrian Cunanan

Adrian is a fourth year from San Jose California. This past year, he served as Events Coordinator for Kababayan. He is a veteran to Kaba Modern for the past two years. He enjoys kickin it, dancing, and serial killing.. (just kidding- wrong Cunanan!)

Joan Jose

Joan is a familiar face to all Kababayans. This past year she served as Publicity Commissioner to Na Opio'O Ka 'Aina Hawai'i Club. She is an outgoing woman with a sparkling personality. We hope to see her involved more with Kaba next year.

Janet Langer

Janet is also one of Kaba's Flip Non-flips. She has been dancing for Kaba modern for the past 2 years and has been dancing for other things all of her life. She is a currently a 2 year veteran to the SPOP Program this summer. She enjoys dancing and meeting new people.

Jan San Antonio

Jan is a third year psych major here at UCI. She was this year's past Traditionalist coordinator, along with Melissa Tolentino. Jan enjoys spending time with her friends and especially her man. She debuted in Kaba through Intercollegiate PCN and as mother hen in PCN '97 Binaylan.

Russell Ramirez

Russ is a fifth year Art major (i think!) He was voted UCI Screenwriter of the year for his Script, "Behind the Scenes" (PCN 1998 Script). Russell is co-founder of Quaba, along with Clodel and Leslie. He is a veteran to Kaba modern and an excellent actor and artist.

Gerianne Manuel

Gerianne is one of the few famous Kaba singers. She placed first in Talent Show '97 as Miss Saigon and second in Talent Show '98 with the Titanic theme. Although we don't see her much, she is still an important Kababayan to know.

Dean Peralta

Dean is a second year from the San Francisco Bay Area. He is KC's little bro for Kaba. He enjoys going home to the bay area, partying, and meeting new people. He promises to get involved with Kaba this year.

Mike Jara

Mike is a third year Bio major... He got involved with Kaba last year, through skits, Semi-Formal Committee, PCN Tumahik and PCN Maglalatik. Mike enjoys going to Kaba events and hanging with the Kaba folks. He works at one of the Edwards and is a great Kababayan overall.

What else is there to know about Kaba?

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